• Makes it easy to give a major ‘current’ gift to a charity
  • Does not take away from current estate or heirs inheritance
  • Donations are tax deductible the same as making a cash contribution
  • Policies are underwritten by highly rated insurance carriers

Legacy Life Wealth Replacement

  • Allows donor to make a current gift of appreciated securities, or, dollars in CD’s earning a low interest rates
  • Donor receives a tax deduction for their generous gift
  • The gifted amount is replaced by a life insurance policy naming your family as the beneficiaries using the tax savings to help pay the premium

Legacy Life Giving

  • Designed as an attractive alternative to a ‘bequest’
  • Magnifies the size of your gift by many times and cost less for your donor
  • Donor receives tax benefits the same as making a cash contribution
  • Unlike a bequest, it does not take away from donors estate or heir’s inheritance

$50,000 Gift Rates
AGE Annual Premium
for 5 years
One Time
  Male Female Male Female
30 $2,296 $2,221 $11,029 $10,678
40 $2,611 $2,489 $12,547 $11,944
50 $3,325 $3,126 $15,961 $15,007
60 $4,705 $4,390 $22,512 $21,013
70 $6,783 $6,129 $32,234 $29,206